Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do I need to make an appointment?

A1: Yes, we are an appointment based practice. We do keep some appointments aside for Emergency walk-in appointments.

Q2: Can I choose the Doctor I wish to see?

A2: Yes.

Q3: Should I see the same Doctor?

A3: Yes, Continuality of care is very important this benefits both Patient & Doctor.

Q4: Can I request a female Doctor to do my Pap Smears?

A4: Yes, We now have 3 Qualified female Doctors – Dr Lee, Dr Mandeep & Dr Kerry Lowe. We also have a qualified Nurse (Deb) that performs most of the Pap Smears in the practice.

Q5: Can you see Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders at your Practice?

A5: Yes, As a practice we have perform and passed the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander training.

Q6: Do you Bulk Bill?

A6: Not for new patients. Please note there are some consultations that cannot be billed to Medicare.
       These Consults are: Medicals, Requested information from Lawyers and patients with no Medicare number.

Q7: Do you have parking?

A7: Yes, directly out the front of the practice.

Q8: Do you have disabled parking?

A8: Yes, We have an extra-large disabled car space to help our patients get in and out of their car easy.

Q9: Do you have Pathology at the practice?

A9: Yes, We have QML Pathology next door.

Q10: Do you have a drop-off zone?

A10: Yes, Directly out the front, this makes it easy for our patients to drop off specimens to QML or patients with Children that need to pick something up etc.

Q11: Do you perform Vasectomies?

A11: No, unfortunately our Doctor decided to stop doing these.

A12: Is Acupuncture available at the practice?

A12: Yes, Dr Parsons performs Acupuncture. Appointment needed first.

Q13: Can I have my skin checked?

A13: Yes, All of our Doctors perform this. This is advised (unless otherwise advised) to be done yearly and should be by the same doctor.

Q14: I work late how can I see a Doctor?

A14: We are open till 6.00pm weekdays, 7.00pm Thursday evening and on Saturday’s

Q15: Can I book to get my Travel Vaccines done?

A15: Yes, We are a qualified Yellow Fever Vaccine Practice, as well we can give all other travel vaccines.

Q16: Can you help me with my Child vaccination form (No Jab No Pay)?

A16: Yes, We can lodge online your child/ren vaccinations to have them up-to-date.

Q17: Do you do Childhood Vaccines?

A17: Yes, our Nurses with your Doctor perform the vaccination. Milestone checks are also performed with each vaccination. We prefer to do all children vaccinations in the morning, just in-case they have any type of reaction we are here for you in the afternoon.

Q18: Can I book my appointment online?

A18: Yes, by clicking onto either of the “Book Appointment Online” button from our Home screen.

Q19: If I have an issue or I’m unhappy about my service what can I do?

A19: You can request to speak with the Practice Manager and it will be taken from there.

Q20: Can I have my Mirena inserted?

A20: Yes, Dr Ranhotra is qualified do this procedure. An appointment is required prior to the procedure.

Q21: Will I have any Out-of-Pocket Expenses?

A21: Yes if you are referred to Radiology, Pathology or a Specialist you may have an out-of-pocket expense. This out-of-Pocket expense occurs if the specialist charges above the Medicare schedule fee, you will receive the Medicare schedule fee back.

Q22: Do you perform Iron Infusions?

A22: Yes, we have a trained nurse who performs Iron Infusions. An appointment with your Doctor is required prior to having the Iron Infusion. There is a fee involved for Iron Infusions.